Going to Italy This Year? Experience the Timeless & Historic Village of Pettino
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Going to Italy This Year? Experience the Timeless & Historic Village of Pettino

Updated: Jan 10

Imagine stepping back in time to a simpler way of life, rich in centuries-old traditions, family that extends to an entire village, and foods harvested and made by hand. This is life today in the village of Pettino, in Umbria, Italy.

Surrounded by truffle-rich forests, the fresh aroma of nature and food, and the breathtaking beauty of the sky-high mountains and flower-filled fields, Pettino is the destination for the traveler seeking a cultural and culinary immersive experience, memories of which will last a lifetime.

Pettino is nestled on a peaceful plateau perched over 1100 meters in altitude, surrounded by Umbria’s stunning Apennine Mountains. The old stone buildings, plowed fields and small piazzas reveal a traditional Italian way of life and culture rarely encountered in other parts of Italy.

The village has a constitution dating back to 1486, years before America was even discovered, and sets forth the foundation for how land is used and managed for farming around Pettino.

The locals keep the land the way their ancestors did, growing mountain cereals such as farro and lentils, as well as crops to feed the animals – sheep, cattle, and goats kept in barns mingled among the houses – and from the beautiful natural birch forests they gather truffles, porcini mushrooms, and wood to heat the town’s wood-fired pizza oven.

Truffle Hunting in Umbria is an age old tradition and in Pettino. The forests surrounding the village, made up of beech and oak trees, are rich in the famous Umbrian black truffles of both the winter and summer varieties. The infamous white truffles are found in the valleys below the mountains. Local truffle hunters, Wild Foods Italy, offer an authentic experience in keeping to the old ways of the tradition. The family that runs Wild Foods Italy, the Chiacchiarini family, has been hunting for truffles for generations passing down its secrets and truffle recipes for generations.

From the mountaintops surrounding the village, the views are amazing, looking over the entire Spoleto valley all the way to Montefalco, Assisi and Perugia to the east, and across the highest ridges of the Apennines to the west. The forests and fields provide stunning settings for strolling and hiking.